Tragedy: Take Back The Moment

poetryTake Back The Moment

Do you ever wish you could travel back in time and make things rights?

If you could go back

Change one thing, would you?

If you did, would that change make your life better?

Make amends for a wrong.

Would this change ultimately break your heart?

Or break the heart of another?

Would you choose an entirely different path?

Would you just change one thing?

Just one moment.

A moment you’ve always wanted back.

Would you be able to reshape the past.

Keep people alive.

Or is tragedy a part of your destiny?

Sometimes exploring the past leaves you with more questions.

Than answers.

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Poetry: Time To Live Again

poetryTime To Live Again

I’ve mastered the survival part

Now its time to focus on the living

I’ve lived naïve

Lived informed

Lived bombarded by more than most people experience in the entire span of their lives

I am lucky

I figure I have used up my share of bad luck

It’s past time to immerse myself in living again.

Taking chances.

Risking a little to gain a lot.

I’ve got the survival part down.

Now its time to feel alive again.

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Book Review: Star Magic: The Wisdom of the Constellations for Pagans & Wiccans

Star Magic: The Wisdom of the Constellations for Pagans & Wiccans by Sandra Kynes


Published: February 8th 2015


Sandra Kynes takes readers on a refreshing journey through constellations and the zodiac. Kynes delivers an in depth look at the constellations and how each can be tapped into for their own individual forms of energy. Constellations and stars are so much more than beacons of light in the night sky and Kynes reinforces this message consistently throughout the book.

Star Magic explains why the twelve sun signs of the zodiac are important to our everyday lives. Majority of society believe there are twelve zodiacs—one for each calendar month of the year; when in fact, there is a thirteenth zodiac constellation. This book is organized by the seasons, which make it easier for the reader to understand the gravity of the power each season holds. Each segment explores the influence and power of all eighty-eight constellations in existence in the night sky.

This book serves as an introduction to Wiccan beliefs and a bible for stargazers. Each chapter provides extensive details on where to locate constellations and what these translate to for Pagan and Wiccan interpretation. The night sky is vast and powerful and there is magic to be found each and every night. The magic of stars in constellations can be used in rituals, divinations, astral travel and other peaceful practices. Across the world, so many different likes of people find peace through the twinkling stars in the sky, this book teaches us why the stars soothe us and connect us.

Kynes discussed the history associated with each constellation, notable stars and instructions for those wishing to engage in star energy for the first time. The historical notes connected the reader to the true magic of stars throughout the ages and what they meant to different generations. It was an interesting peek into the past, learning what those before us believed and valued. Kynes simple instructions for finding constellations open up the magic of the sky to all readers.

New age enthusiasts, astrologists and those with minds hungry for knowledge will flock to this book. It is helpful, informative and charming; whilst delivering a great reminder that this life and our world ascend into something grander than we could ever imagine. The ideals behind Wiccan and Pagan beliefs are intriguing. Everything is centred in the natural world and the greatest healing powers can be found in the arms of Mother Nature.



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Poetry: Violence


Violence can be found in silence.

It can be invisible to the naked eyes.

There’s violence in the time that conceals wounds.

The relentless succession of days.

The impossibility of turning back the clock.

Violence is what escapes us.

Silent and hidden.

It remains inexplicable.

Violence – what stays forever opaque

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Melanoma Awareness


 Really let that fact sink in. How are we still continuing to let people die from a preventable disease? 

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Melanoma Exposed

Melanoma Exposed

Society has such a jaded representation of what beauty is. Everywhere you look there are tanned individuals being presented as symbols of beauty and elegance.  Society can be blamed for the rising number of cases of Melanoma. Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the US. Cases of melanoma have tripled in the last decade. It is growing at a rapid and alarming rate; most of the individuals with this disease are between 20 and 25. More individuals die each year from Melanoma than from breast cancer. That fact is scary. Consider how much attention breast cancer receives, and how little Melanoma receives.

The sun is not friendly to the skin. But, media portrays the sun as having a best-friend relationship with the human body, hence many celebrities are overly tanned. Attention needs to be brought to the truth that being tanned is not cool, and that a tan can, in fact, kill you.

I was diagnosed with Melanoma when I was twenty-two. I wish there had been more resources, and more attention brought to how devastating Melanoma is. I am now twenty-seven and melanoma is a constant battle in my life, and will remain so for the rest of my life. Thanks tanning beds, you sure did give me the gift of a lifetime.2546143

I was just starting my life; it shouldn’t have felt like it was ending. I remember I had spent five-years growing out my hair after a terrible cut. My hair was finally perfect, long and blonde and beautiful. When my hair began to fall out it felt like the pieces of my life were falling apart. I remember thinking, wow…. was this really worth it? I could go into details of being sick, having constant nausea, weakness, aches and pains…but c’mon, I know the superficial draws society in the most.

I wish I could go back in time and slap my teenage self. I was your typical girl throughout my teenage years, I battled with self esteem issues like every teenager on the planet does, and I assumed that if I hid my true skin color, I could mask myself and be accepted. I tanned and thought nothing of it. I thought it would make me seem prettier on the outside to fill emptiness on the inside.

Looking back, I realize how stupid this really is.

Think about it, you get into a coffin-like bed that bakes your skin. The tan you achieve from a tanning bed makes you appear oompa-loompa orange, with yucky leathery skin. How is that attractive? Entering a tanning bed puts you at a 70% greater risk of melanoma, and for what, really? To look fake? We all stress how much we hate fake people, so why would you want your body’s largest organ to be falsified—altered from its natural beauty to a artificial orange?tanning_bed

I can’t even convey into words how atrocious tanning is. Well, really just think about it…you apply some “special lotion” on your skin and bake yourself. You have to wear protective eyewear in a tanning bed. Ummm, shouldn’t that deter you right there? If your eyes could be damaged so easily, what the heck are you doing to your skin?

It’s sad really. Individuals are killing themselves at their own hand. And for what purpose, to “look better?”  It doesn’t really make sense does it? Become something you’re not to feel good about yourself. Why not embrace what you have? Be happy for the gift of life. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. Every single person on this planet. If someone begs to differ, they are the obvious exception: judgment looks ugly on anyone.

Look at female icons that have passed from generation to generation: Marilyn Monroe—sure she fits the blonde stereotype, but look at her amazing porcelain skin.marilyn-monroe-11She definitely never would of stepped foot into a tanning bed because she knew her natural essence was where her beauty came from.

Recording artist, model, fashion designer, and fragrance designer–Gwen Stefani.images-1

Completely badass and pale.

These women are iconic and will stand the test of time because they found fame and stardom from embracing their individuality; never pretending to be something their not.

On the flipside, the only celebrities that endorse tanning would be the classy cast of Jersey Shore. It’s simple really: who would you rather be compared to, Marilyn Monroe or Snooki?snookie-2010mtvvmashairstyle One is iconic for her beauty; her pride in herself and being an individual. The other is so clearly unhappy she uses outrageous behavior and masks her true self as a crutch to boost her self-esteem.

The choice is simple. Marilyn. No question about it.

Why harm yourself to be something you’re not? Sure, it is the age-old issue—you have curly hair you want straight; you have light skin you want dark.

Life’s too short to be anything but happy with what you have, and who you are. Why waste your life hiding it, embrace it and rock your individuality. It’s what makes you beautiful.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so why not do everything in your power to take care of it? Apply SPF when exposed to the sun, take extra precautions not to risk too much exposure. Really, is it that hard? When you’re ninety–years-old your skin will thank you. So, will your grandchildren—because of your concern and caution you will have lived a rich, full life. Take heed to all of the warnings associated with indoor tanning, listening has the potential to save your life. Perhaps the international community will follow the footsteps of other provinces and states and implement the “tan-ban” for individuals under the age of eighteen.

Pale skin is beautiful. Some cultures, it is a symbol of status. If you have rich porcelain skin you are among the elite. There are even individuals who bleach their skin to make it appear whiter.

So, if you’re pale, who cares? What’s so horrible about looking like a doll? Isn’t doll face one of the sweetest compliments a person can receive? Paleness is rich. It’s so bold, and radiant. It is a sign of being proud of who you are.

Embrace it. It has the power to save your life.ntnl_challenge-heroWith the summer holidays fast approaching, the focus on superficial appearances is higher than ever. Everyone feels they must be unnaturally tanned in order to look their best for holiday events. During the holidays we surround ourselves with loved ones. Individuals who accept us and love us for who we are. There is no point of risking your health, and your life for a tan in hopes it will impress people. Stay natural, and true to yourself. That is the version of you that is loved. You will be healthy and alive to enjoy the holidays, your family will not worry about the constant threat of melanoma in your life. To be healthy is the greatest gift of all.

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Spotlight on Die Mannequin

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