Halloween: Guest Blogger Gabe Shares A Spooky Tradition!

halloween2014Waking The Dead

Most people do the same old thing for Hallow’s Eve and Halloween. What most people don’t do is wake up the dead from their deep slumber. On Hallow’s Eve at the stroke of midnight, the veil between our world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest, and anyone and anything in the afterlife is welcomed to come through. Except most of them have been sleeping for so long, this is when you wake them up. Here’s what you do!
*Now this is Witchcraft, anything you are thinking and saying will have an effect on it’s outcome. Whatever you put out, you’ll get right back.*
Grab any amount of white candles- these are used to as a guiding light for the dead. Place these lit, on any grave that calls, you’ll be drawn to them, believe me. stock-footage-white-candles-burningCoins- preferably dimes and nickles, place a coin on any grave you have lit a candle for.
Sugary Sweets – These are an offering to the dead, who doesn’t like some candy.
Rose Water- This is used at the ending, this should be made a few days prior.
To make it ..
Soak rose petals in water, along with pieces of moonstone and salt, pour the water into any container leaving the moonstones and rose water out.
After this is all done and you’ve lit up the cemetery its time to wake them up. Ring a bell, the types you see Santa Clauses using on the streets for charity. Just walk around ringing that bell, feel free to do it as long as you want but be aware that the grounds keeper might call the cops . When you leave the cemetery pour Rose Water on your shoes and hands, this is to make sure nothing negative will attach itself and follow you home.graveyard

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Beauty: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lip Colours

38b7498f94f639e33a8b1c89532817c0My fall makeup obsession is Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks. The set, pictured below is the best bang-for-your-buck and is available at Sephora. The colours are bold and rich, and to my surprise–not drying. I HATE when matte colours leave your lips looking like sandpaper!
These bad boys are divine. The set includes (in my humble opinion) all the best colours, with the exclusion of Poe and the ever popular Coven. Poe is brilliant. It is a radiant blue with gold undertones, it is every goth-girl’s dream! The packaging is just too cute, the studded case is edgy and different from the classic lipstick case design.
Kat Von D Fall Lip Colours

Kat von d lipstick

Kat von d lipstick

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Halloween: Artist David Russo Talks Halloween!

halloween2014Halloween is by far my most favourite holiday of the year and even though it’s not that big in Australia, I usually try and get into the spirit of it all!



My tradition usually consists of awesome Halloween horror parties with friends and most of all Horror movie marathons with all of my favourite iconic killers! (not to mention Hocus Pocus of course, that’s a Shoo-in each year, in each household I’m guessing).

Lily Munster, crafted to perfection.

Lily Munster, crafted to perfection.

So, just to name a few… Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Leatherface, Ghostface, Michael Myers and Pinhead have to be my most favourite slashers to watch!



But what started my love of Horror in the Pop Culture world for me was Michael Jackson’s epic short music film ‘Thriller’. Not only was I just a kid at the time I seen this, but I fell in love with how freaking scary it was. A mixture of a great pop song with scary visuals… my face lit up from excitement and from then on I was obsessed!

I recently recreated Michael’s iconic Zombie character as a sculpture on Mannequin which was so much fun for me, it was my first attempt at sculpting and I’d been hanging out to give it a go! 10154973_722403561116241_6097456452637222561_nWell, thanks for reading about my Halloween Horror Tradition! and I hope everyone has a spooky good time!




Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

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Poetry: The Disconnect

10601193_10152636103985908_1503875630_nThe Disconnect

Anytime I would be in your presence

I felt an emotional pull

Stronger than a desire

A need to be around you

This pull used to be such a strong connect

Now it has faded to a disconnect

I have waited for so long for your return

This absence has left a void in my heart

I have lost you while you were still alive

A loss I cannot yet come to terms with

I realize that pull connecting me to you is gone

You are too far away from me now

Distance not shaped by space or time

As a person you are too far gone

All that remains of what I once loved is a skeleton

You are but a shell of the person you once were

You now stare at the world through empty eyes

I no longer feel a reason to keep you in my life

Your presence no longer holds a draw for me

That magnetic pull is gone

We have been apart longer than we were together

We once had so much of everything

We now leave with nothing

The future no longer stands in a limbo

What it is now is what it is meant to be

I can see

Your heart no longer holds a place for me

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Poetry: A Dream

10601193_10152636103985908_1503875630_nA Dream

In my dream.

You are alive and well.

Maybe my wish was granted.

Maybe I did go back in time.

Maybe I did raise the dead.

I had them back.

Everyone I ever loved.

Life mattered again.

Maybe this is my second chance.

I may have gotten my wish granted.

My life is just as it should be.

I finally get to say I love you.

The words leave my lips in a whisper.

Or do they?

Everything is dark.



I’m gone.

A dream. A dream. A dream.

Just a dreamer.

Who knows the dream for what it is.

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Poetry: Stay



I whisper to you.


In this moment.

In this room.


Holding my hand.

Keeping me brave.





I hear the whispers in my mind.

Haunting me.

Wanting you to.


When you have already.



I stay.

Locked in the memory of that moment.

I stay.

You’ve gone.

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Halloween: Favourite Scene of Nosferatu 1922

halloween2014One of my favourite classic horror films is the silent classic, Nosferatu. For those not familiar with the film, check out this link for a fancy introduction:

Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter’s wife. Silent classic based on the story “Dracula.”

One of the scenes that always stick outs to me?

The scene in Nosferatu that begins at 0:25:16 the door opens seemingly by itself. Orlok then appears walking as though in a trance. The zoom of Orloks face was essential in creating such a fearful scene. Orlok is a terribly ugly creature. The buildup of suspense in this scene was constructed beautifully. The magical opening of the door, and then the close up of the horrible face of Orlok. Orlok is a creative antagonist. This leaves viewer shrieking, OH MY GOSH!Nosferatu_door_in_the_castle[1]He is strange being and his moves are never calculated. He behaves randomly. You cannot possibly fathom  what his next action will be at any time. That’s what makes him so terrifying.

Initially we need to see the villain from afar, this allows our mind to wander and our suspense to build up. A turning point in the storyline is when the villain has had their close-up, there one on one with the audience. The zoom of this scene in pulls us right in the story. Seeing Orlok up close leads the mind to wander. The story no longer seems like a movie. It feels real. There is now an established connection between the audience and Orlok. The true colors of Orlok are beginning to be revealed.nosferatu-4 In this scene I found myself genuinely afraid. Orlok’s stillness is overwhelming. His eyes seem to hold a sense of absolute evil. Initially it seemed as though he was going to attack Hutter. I felt a sense of fear for the wellbeing of the protagonist. Hutter did behave foolishly but he did not deserve to be murdered. As I watched the scene unfold I was sure Orlok was going to reach out and attack Hutter. Much to my surprise he didn’t. This scene was one of the most epic establishments of terror I have ever witnessed in a film. The image of Orlok is so foreboding and menacing it stays in your mind even after the film is completed. As the scene concluded the component of fear dwindled down. This scene was successful in captivating the audience’s interest and attention. For a good roughly three minutes the audience can experience a genuine sense of fear and suspense.

Further proof of how epic this film is? Almost one-hundred years after it’s release, well, 8 years shy of a hundred. Nosferatu is still HUGE in Pop Culture today

! Fashion moguls Black Milk even included a classic shot of Nosferatu on a top in their 2014 Halloween collection, dubbed ‘Pulp Horror’ https://blackmilkclothing.com/products/nosferatu-reversible-crop PRI-NosferatuCrop-1-WEB_1024x1024

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