Book Review: Bombs Over London (Mira’s Diary #3) by Marissa Moss

10615742_10152636104000908_946602225_nMira’s Diary: Bombs Over London (Mira’s Diary #3) by Marissa Moss20578763

Released: 2014


In the third book of the popular time-travel series, Mira navigates her way through WWI London, meeting famous suffragists and writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Instructed by her time-traveling mother to steal a German spy’s briefcase full of secrets and pass on the information to British Intelligence, Mira struggles with whether the changes she has been working for are the right thing to do after all. How much control do we really want of history? When is it best to leave our fate in destiny’s hands?1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_n

 Bombs Over London is very different from my usual choice of books. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it! This series has everything; time travel, culture, history, romance—these books have it covered!

The graphics accompanying the book were fantastic and I found them to contribute to the flow of the story. Despite being aimed at children, this book has a lot to offer to the mature reader.

Mira’s Diary is the perfect place to escape to when you need a break from your reality. Mira is a fantastic protagonist, and every story is quite a fun ride with her at the lead.

I look forward to reading more of Marissa Moss’s work.

Book Review: JO by Leah Rhyne

JO by Leah Rhyne Review22845473

Published: September 1st 201410568008_10152636103980908_450754996_nJolene Hall is dead – sort of. She can walk, think and talk, but her heart doesn’t beat and her lungs stopped breathing ages ago. Her body’s a mosaic of jagged wounds and stapled flesh.

Jolene Hall has a choice: turn herself in to the authorities, led by a suspiciously handsome police officer, or team up with her roommate Lucy and her boyfriend Eli to find a way to save herself. To Jo, the choice is clear. She’d like to know who turned her into a monster, and she’d like to live to see another sunrise.

But that choice has drastic repercussions.

On a trip deep into the snowy White Mountains, to a hidden laboratory filled with danger and cadavers, Jo and Lucy find more reanimated girls. Part body, part machine, run by batteries and electricity, these girls are killers, created by a shadowy Order with a penchant for chaos…and murder.

To make matters worse, a photo on a wall of victims reveals Lucy is next in line to be “recruited” into this army of beautiful, walking corpses.

When Jo’s physical condition takes a turn for the irreparable, and the Order kidnaps those she loves most, she must sacrifice herself to save them all.


For those that haven’t experienced the glory of Leah Rhyne’s storytelling, I insist you read her first novel, Zombie Days, Campfire Nights. I am not a fan of the zombie genre, at all, and Rhyne’s Undead America series actually had me LOVING a zombie story. Go forth my readers, indulge in the magic that is Leah Rhyne.

Now, onto her recent masterpiece, JO. First off, what an absolute creepy cover! I can just imagine her jumping off the page and coming to life!

I love horror, and spooky stories. Many other authors have crafted stories of an undead girl coming back to life, but never has the undead been a protagonist. Rhyne has created a refreshing spin on an age-old-idea of the undead not wanting to leave the world of the living.

Rhyne knows exactly how to give her readers the creeps! As the story progresses and JO’s condition worsens, the description of her state are bang-on! You can perfectly see her in your mind and it gives you absolute chills.

I finished this book in one night because I simply had to know how the story ended. Jolene and her best friend Lucy are characters the reader grows to truly care about. I had to know how the story ended for them!

I look forward to re-reading this story closer to Halloween! Brilliant, brilliant ending! I hope to see another story based in this world.

Connect with Leah:

A Birthday Wish

Today is the birthday of one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure (and honour) of calling my friend. Happy birthday, Ryan! I wish with all my heart that I could change fate, turn back time–anything and everything to keep you alive…Safe…Healthy…Happy. Some days, beyond any form of reason, I still hold hope that something in the future can change the past…Before I let sadness swallow me, I will get to the point of this post.

HAPPY Birthday! Today honours and marks the day of RYAN. So, despite circumstances, despite distance, time, worlds–it is a day for a smile. You made this world such a bright place, even in your physical absence your spiritual light still shines bright.. Thank you for being you. I will never have another friend like you in this life. I promise, your place in my heart will always exist. I love you. I miss you. I’ll be seeing you <3


Melanoma Awareness: Heightened Risk of Melanoma For Airplane Workers

10602929_10152636103970908_990532355_nNew research suggests that pilots and airplane crews, because they spend a lot of time at high elevations, have a higher risk of getting melanoma than people who don’t have an airborne office. Melanoma was more than twice as common in pilots and others who worked on airplanes.

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Book Review: Unmarked (The Legion #2) by Kami Garcia arc Review

Unmarked (The Legion #2) by Kami Garcia arc Review12371865

Expected publication: September 30th 2014 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers10568008_10152636103980908_450754996_nThe heart-pounding sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller, Unbreakable, by New York Times bestselling Beautiful Creatures co-author Kami Garcia.

He is here… and he could be anyone.

Kennedy Waters lives in a world where vengeance spirits kill, ghosts keep secrets, and a demon walks among us–a demon she accidentally set free.

Now Kennedy and the other Legion members–Alara, Priest, Lukas, and Jared–have to hunt him down. As they learn more about the history of the Legion and the Illuminati, Kennedy realizes that the greatest mystery of all does not belong to any secret order, but to her own family. With the clock ticking and the life of someone she loves hanging in the balance, Kennedy has to ask the question she fears most: what is it about her past that has left her Unmarked?1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_n

In 2013 when Kami Garcia released Unbreakable, I was absolutely stunned by how much I LOVED the story. Garcia has a signature style of writing that enthralls the reader from start to finish. The Legion shaped up to be one of the most promising YA series I had ever read.

Needless to say, Unmarked was one of my most anticipated reads of 2014, and it surely did not disappoint. Unmarked upped the ante on the creepy factor. I love how Garcia blends myth/legend/folklore into fictional stories. Everything from Haitian folklore, to Illuminati conspiracies are mentioned. This makes the reader question so many times; oh my gosh, this could actually happen—is it happening? Could it be happening?

Kennedy is such an awesome protagonist. She is fierce, loyal to a fault and witty. Imagine Dean & Sam Winchester of Supernatural—as a female. All of their GOOD qualities—and you’ve got Kennedy. There are so many events in the storyline that have the reader cheering for Kennedy; talking back to Demons like it’s nothing, jumping into the unknown and possibly risking her life, no biggie. Kennedy is bold and behaves like she is fearless, although the reader knows Kennedy is filled with fear. She just lets her bravery overpower her fear.

The Legion series will appeal to fans of supernatural, fantasy and horror. It is genuinely creepy, but not gory and disturbing like some frightening books are (ahem, Stephen King.)

Hands down, one of my favourite reads of 2014.

Thank you, Hachette Book Group for the review copy.