Must Reads: The Dancing Salmon: An Alaskan Folklore Tale of the Northern Lights

must reads

The Dancing Salmon: An Alaskan Folklore Tale of the Northern Lights by Lone Alaskan Gypsy


The Dancing Salmon are magical creatures that help spread the joys of the aurora across the north. When Ihana discovers the pond that the dancing salmon call home, she also meets their caretaker- Flynt. But Flynt looks so thin, and so hungry, and Ihana doesn’t understand why he won’t just eat the dancing salmon that live in the pond beside his cabin. With a little push from Flynt, Ihana embarks on an adventure to discover the purpose of the dancing salmon, and why Flynt could never feast upon one.

This stunning book pairs amazing graphics with an even more stunning story. A must read for all ages.

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Poetry: Snowdrops


Instead of tears

The sky is mourning in snowdrops

Reminding us

Something beautiful

Is to be found from your exit

You are free

Just as the snow drops

Silent and serene

Free from pain

The burdens of day to day life

The heartache of love lost

The snow gathers

Such a beautiful sight

An homage to the beautiful soul departed

The world Turns White

As the snow continues to fall

The quiet brings warmth

No more pain


Nature is


At the great Peace

found in the uniting

Of two great loves


Together once more

No room for tears

Only silent awe

And elation

For you have reached Elysian

How could this ever be

Reasons for tears to spill?





I’ll be seeing you

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Poetry: Losing



Filled with people coming

And going

You move forward

Replace the gaps

Find new relationships

Except me

I only excelled at the part of losing people

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Poetry: Visit Us


Visit Us

The greatest kindness

Our lost loved ones can do

Wait for nightfall

Visit us in our dreams

Let us

Dream so vividly

That the lines

Between wake and dreaming

Are blurred

Visit us

So we know you are alive and well

Visit us

So we no longer feel left behind

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Poetry: When I Left


When I Left

I’m sorry that you are.

Who you are.

It’s because of me.

I taught you to love.

I showed you how to live.

I let you build a dream.

Around the idea of me.

When I left.

I took it all away from you.

What remained.

The version of you.

That existed before me.

I brought you to life.

When I left.

I took your life.

Everything that mattered.

With me.

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Poetry: White Infinity of Grief


White Infinity of Grief

Winter blankets the world with silence

The falling snow makes no sounds



Taking over the landscape

Turning fields of dead earth

Into a white infinity

It’s easy to grieve in winter

It seems right

That your heart freezes

Just like the ground beneath your feet

You can hide it

You can run from it

A frozen heart always will melt

Spring rain will pound away

At the facades you have built

The rain will soak the world

It will bring everything frozen back to life

Our beloved dead.

Don’t resurrect with the change of seasons

The rain washes away false hope

The belief that what happened

In the frozen world

Was a white dream

One we could neither see our way through

Nor escape from

Now the world is animated once again

Everything moving forward


Against all odds.

As life pushes forward.

So will you.

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Private Thoughts

The last few months have been a consistent nightmare that I am slowly waking from.
I’ve seen the dark side of human nature, found myself drowning in the depths of sorrow, grief and fear. It feels like a part of my soul has permanently detached itself from me.
Grief is one of the most horrific cycles of life we must endure. Each time it takes a new face, holds prisoners in new cells and when the sounds of sorrow begin, a chorus of all the pain from those we have ever lost returns.
When we are grieving we become in tune with all the sadness that has ever entered our world. We find ourselves guilt ridden, destroyed, anxious and in despair. This version of ourselves is unrecognizable when we look in the mirror. As it should be. We now are seeing a world where someone we loved so much no longer exists in. Grief takes pieces of our soul. Which is appropriate, isn’t it? We want our soul to connect with those we love, wherever they go on their next journey. That emptiness. The hollow ache, is simply the part of us that is permanent with them. They have left the only world they have ever known; the emptiness brings comfort in knowing a piece of me resides within their soul.
I suffered a loss I will spend my whol life mourning. I will love and miss my grandfather every day of my life.
I gained lessons. I learned that just because you want others to act in honorable ways, they don’t. Just because you identify yourself as a good, righteous person–does not mean that others will follow the same path and have the same values. I’ve learned that others can behave in unspeakable ways and still lay their head to sleep at night and find peace of mind in their chaos.
Respect leaves far faster than it was ever earned. Once it leaves. It doesn’t come back. The face of family changes. It is no longer those connected by blood, instead it is those who have showed honour, integrity, grace and unconditional love. I have lost. I have gained.
I have a hero. Someone that I am lucky enough to call my mother. She has endured more than anyone should ever have to, and yet she is my constant bringer of hope and salvation. The person I aspire to be exactly like. My grandparents gift.
The world will never look quite the same to me. There are actions that I will never allow others a chance to repent. There has been substantial change in my world. Lifted upside down, shaken and somehow I stand in the midst of the debris.
I am finding my footing. The anger I have felt will soon disappear, replaced with indifference. For those that have ultimately disappointed me, I owe it to myself to be that much stronger of a person.
I will honour my grandfather. My grandmother. In the best way I know how.
I will put a new face to happiness. I will cherish it. I will live for the day and all the possibilities it holds.
I will continue to be me. Blessed with a sweet, empathetic soul. A huge heart always willing to love. A creative mind, hungry for knowledge.
I will have hope. All the hope they both shared for me, I will carry it myself. I will not let a disease define my life, or rob me of a future.

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